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Posted by Site Inspire - 8 hours ago

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Tailspin Brewing Co.

Posted by One Page Love - 20 hours ago
One Pager with a rustic and americana aesthetic for Ohio-based, Tailspin Brewing Co. Nice touch with the fun age verification GIF (if you're not 21) and great to see it's built on WordPress!

Best Friends Forever

Posted by Site Inspire - 2 days ago

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The Pad

Posted by css Drive - Gallery - 2 days ago


Posted by CSS Mania - 2 days ago

Bersi Serlini

Posted by css Drive - Gallery - 2 days ago

Lily Camera

Posted by Unmatched Style - 3 days ago

Pretty rad interaction work here. I love how when you scroll down you are told the story of the Lily camera rig/drone. Some nice illustration work contrasted against good product photos is solid IMHO.

Le Top

Posted by Site Inspire - 3 days ago

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Posted by One Page Love - 3 days ago
Clean One Pager promoting a custom portfolio CMS called 'SMFolio' built exclusively for SiteMill clients. The landing page sits on their subdomain and provides a neat way to showcase their product to clients requesting that little bit more info.

Leah Quinn

Posted by 365 Awesome Designers - 3 days ago

Forward Festival

Posted by Site Inspire - 12 hours ago

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Wrangler - Wild Way Home

Posted by CSS Design Awards - 21 hours ago
With contextual messaging and local weather encouraging you to explore the city, and new product and content pages showcasing products.


Posted by Site Inspire - 2 days ago

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Offf Italia

Posted by Awwwards - 2 days ago
OFFF is a community inviting all those who are eager to learn to participate and get inspired in a three-day journey of conferences, workshops, activities and performances.


Posted by CSS Mania - 2 days ago

Into the Aether

Posted by Featured / by - 2 days ago
I don’t usually feature pure art to include in the illustration directory – but Adam Friedman – is exceptional and stands in a class of his own. _______ As you can read in his manifesto: I’m curious what happens when we view nature through a lens that breaks the rules of our understanding. In my […]

We Occupy

Posted by Site Inspire - 3 days ago

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Days App

Posted by One Page Love - 3 days ago
Slick looping demo vids within devices in this One Pager promoting 'Days' calendar app by Matt Davenport.


Posted by Awwwards - 3 days ago
Late-stage cancer patients are too often left powerless when treatment options have run out. With Driver, a fruitless search in a race against time is no longer the only option.


Posted by cssdsgn - 3 days ago


Posted by Site Inspire - 14 hours ago

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Hugo & Marie

Posted by Awwwards - 23 hours ago
Hugo & Marie is a multi-disciplinary creative studio and artist representation firm based in New York City.

Robin De Niro

Posted by Site Inspire - 2 days ago

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Nicholas D’Amico

Posted by 365 Awesome Designers - 2 days ago

Oblik Studio

Posted by CSS Mania - 2 days ago

Kristina Bartosova

Posted by Site Inspire - 2 days ago

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eBay experiments with a visual search engine

Posted by Web Designer Depot - 3 days ago
eBay, the giant auction site, has just launched a new site specifically for people looking for furniture and other complementary products and items for the home. eBay Collective, to be sure, is a site that’s aimed more at the high-end crowd, as it features items like antiques, fine art, contemporary design, and other unique items. […]

Don’t Be Bashful: A Designer’s Intro to Bash

Posted by Unmatched Style - 3 days ago

If you design websites and/or web apps, there’s a good chance that you also write at least some of the front end code to execute your designs (HTML, SASS, JS, etc.). If you haven’t already, you’ll soon have to jump into the command line to run projects that you’re working on.

For anyone who’s new to the command line, starting from scratch can cause the kind of intense fears and paranoia typically reserved for found footage horror films and clown conventions. But worry not. Once you know a few key commands, you’ll be up and running in no time like a true Bash champion.

Why is it called Bash?

There are a lot of terms floating around that you’ve probably seen or heard like the command line, Terminal, Bash, shell: What are all of these? They all refer to basically the same thing, but here’s a breakdown so you can get down with the lingo:

Command Line: this is just an interface where you control the computer through text commands

Shell: A Unix shell is the program that executes commands that are entered through a command line interface (CLI)

Bash: A shell and command language that’s the default shell on OS X and Linux.

Terminal: The program on OS X to run Bash.

Why use the command line?

Although it can be intimidating at first, using the command line opens up a lot of powerful tools to help you speed up web development. A few use cases you might come across are:

Running development environments locally. Front end Javascript frameworks like Ember, Angular, and React require dependencies and Bash commands to run locally

Using task runners and other development tools. There are plenty of tools to speed up and improve the quality of web development, like SASS, LiveReload, and Autoprefixer that require Bash commands to run.

Using CLI tools and utilities. There are some pretty powerful tools that do things like convert images to gifs

Setting up a server. If you ever want to host a website yourself, and you’re not using something like Squarespace, you may have to venture into the dark, developer filled world of the command line.

Getting started

To get started with Bash, open Terminal on your Mac. you should see something like this:

Austin-Prices-MacBook-Pro:~ Austin$

(If you’re not using a Mac, sorry this tutorial isn’t for you. Leave a comment below telling me why Microsoft machines are better and you are superior to me in every way.)

Homebrew: The only true theme for Terminal.

This means there’s no task running and you’re good to get started. Well, you’re almost good to get started. If you’re going to be running commands, you have to look like you know what you’re doing. In the application menu (at the top), go to Terminal > Preferences. Then select the Homebrew theme on the side of the window and click “Default” at the bottom. Now open a new shell window and you’ll like a true command line wrangler.

First, let’s look at some simple commands to help you navigate through your documents.

Change folder

cd [Directory]

Use this command to move around between folders, or directories, on your computer. For instance, if you wanted to go into the directory for a new project you just set up, you would use:

cd documents/projects/new-project

If a folder name has spaces, put the name inside quotes.

cd documents/projects/’new project’

Use a “~” at any time to navigate from the Home directory.

cd ~/documents/projects/new-project

Use two dots, “..” to move up one directory. So navigating from documents/projects/new-project to documents/project:

cd ..

Show contents of the current directory


Running ls will show you a list of all the files and folders inside the current directory. So if you’re in documents/projects and you run ls, you might see:

Austin-Prices-MacBook-Pro:~ Austin$ ls

Make a new directory

mkdir [Directory Name]

Use this to make a new folder. Running the following command would create a new folder called “new-project”.

mkdir new-project

Open a file

open [File Name]

Use this to open a file. So to open index.html:

open index.html

Now you’re navigating with the command line like a champ! The fun is just beginning though.

Stopping a program

Control + c

If you’ve started to run a program and want to stop it, hold the Control button and press “C”. This will stop the program and allow you to enter more commands. It will show up in the command line as “^C”.

Global packages and package managers

Every project will have some local packages you need to install for that specific environment, but there are other packages, like Sass, that you’ll need to install globally. I’ll focus on the basics for now that you’ll need to install further global packages.


Homebrew describes itself as installing “the missing package manager for OS X [and Mac OS].” Once you install Homebrew, you can use it to install a ton of other packages you might need down the road. The install command is pretty long, so copy and paste is the way to go here:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

You can also go to Homebrew’s website to learn a little more about it.


Ruby is programming language that comes with another package manager that allows you to install more packages. Soon enough, you’ll be rivaling Amazon with all the packages you’re handling. Since you just installed Homebrew, you can use that to install Ruby.

brew install ruby

Now that Ruby’s installed, we can install Sass. You’ll need this to compile all of those scss files into a nice css file for your project. We’ll use ruby to install Sass, which is a Ruby gem (it’s just a package but with better branding).

gem install sass


Node.js is a “Javascript runtime environment”, which basically means it allows you to run and compile Javascript code on your computer without using a web browser. You’ll need this installed for two reasons: First, you’ll need to be compiling and running Javascript to run a front end Javascript framework. Second, Node has a package manager called npm that happens to have the biggest collection of packages in Internetland. Pretty much every project you work on will make use of at least some npm packages, which can help with anything from adding a dollar sign to your currency inputs to automatically refreshing your browser when you update files. You can use Homebrew to install Node pretty easily.

brew install node

Setting up local development environments

If you’re building a web app with a front end Javascript framework, like Ember or Angular, you’ll need to set up your local development environment before you can run the project locally. We typically use Ember for our web app projects, so I’ll use that as an example project. If the frontend dev on the project is any good, they’ll have a nice README.md that’ll tell you the right commands to use.

Package managers and dependencies

Many web projects make use of add-ons or dependencies that help with anything from formatting to text to user authentication. These dependencies typically aren’t stored in source control. Instead, files that list all necessary packages are stored with the project and you just need to install them locally. You’ve already got setup with the two most common package managers, npm and bower, so all you need to do is run these two commands (one at a time):

npm install
bower install

Those commands will install all of the Bower and npm packages your project needs. Sometimes, you’ll run into permissions issues when running npm install. If that’s the case, simply run:

sudo npm install

Sudo gives super user permissions and will usually be able to overcome any permissions issues you have when installing

npm packages.

Running the project

Once you’ve gotten the project setup and installed all of the packages, you’re ready to get it running locally. Depending on the type of project and the dev environment, these commands will vary.

We use Ember for most of our web app projects, so we use Ember CLI to run projects.

ember server

Other frameworks like Angular and React use npm CLI.

npm start

Some projects, especially more websites, use task runners like Gulp and Grunt to run projects. These are up to whoever created the gulpfile.js or gruntfile.js for the project, but will be something like:

gulp dev
gulp server
grunt dev
grunt server

No turning back

The deeper you get into the command line world, the more you’ll use Ruby gems and Homebrew packages to speed up your workflow and run projects. Bash can be a beautiful, wonderful thing and is less intimidating than it seems. So don’t be bashful, jump right in. Pretty soon you’ll learn to love the command line as much as it loves you.

6 O'Clock Gin

Posted by CSS Design Awards - 3 days ago
6 O'clock Gin is a premium gin producing a smooth juniper flavour. This website intends to echo the smooth qualities of the gin.


Posted by CSS Mania - 3 days ago


Posted by Site Inspire - 16 hours ago

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Meni Chatzipanagiotou

Posted by 365 Awesome Designers - 1 day ago

Met Museum

Posted by Unmatched Style - 2 days ago

Nice rework of the Met Museum by Fi interactive. I’ve been following their work since the pre-flash and through the flash era of the internet. I’m glad to see they’re still kicking and doing fantastic work.

Mobile was a big focus
Right “off course it was in this day and age” you say, but consider the Met’s visitors are walking around and in real time looking at displays and their mobile devices genuinely add value to their experience.

More on the redesign by Fi here…

Best Awards

Posted by Site Inspire - 2 days ago

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Posted by CSS Design Awards - 2 days ago
Míng ?, meaning bright, is a fusion of the two most powerful light sources - the moon and the sun. Explore the work of MING Labs.

Into the Aether

Posted by Featured / by - 2 days ago
I don’t usually feature pure art to include in the illustration directory – but Adam Friedman – is exceptional and stands in a class of his own. _______ As you can read in his manifesto: I’m curious what happens when we view nature through a lens that breaks the rules of our understanding. In my […]

Jason Briscoe

Posted by Site Inspire - 3 days ago

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Speed up your sites with HTTP/2

Posted by Web Designer Depot - 3 days ago
HTTP/2 is a new way of making your website load much faster by eliminating many inefficiencies associated with the current version of HTTP. The greatest thing about it? You don’t have to go to much effort to get it up and running. Or do you? What is HTTP/2? When HTTP1 and HTTP1.1 were originally developed, […]

GT America

Posted by Site Inspire - 3 days ago

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Lana Papier

Posted by CSS Mania - 3 days ago

Comics of the week #362

Posted by Web Designer Depot - 20 hours ago
Every week we feature a set of comics created exclusively for WDD. The content revolves around web design, blogging and funny situations that we encounter in our daily lives as designers. These great cartoons are created by Jerry King, an award-winning cartoonist who’s one of the most published, prolific and versatile cartoonists in the world […]

Newtown House

Posted by css Drive - Gallery - 1 day ago

Poll: should coders learn to design?

Posted by Web Designer Depot - 2 days ago
Okay developers, it’s your turn. People have ranted on and on for years about whether or not designers should learn to code. Heck, I’ve ranted about it. I still contend that… no. No no… This is about you devs, now. Should people who primarily code the back end of web products learn to design the […]


Posted by CSS Mania - 2 days ago

4 novel ways to deal with sticky :hover effect on mobile devices

Posted by css Drive - News - 2 days ago
CSS :hover pseudo class presents a problem on touch devices, where the enclosed style lingers with the element the user tapped on until another explicit tap.

Parsons Interior Work

Posted by Site Inspire - 3 days ago

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Posted by Unmatched Style - 3 days ago

I like the way the design starts out sort of minimal and get’s more and more visually dense as you scroll down the page. The case study marquis are pretty well done and I love the contrast to the rest of the site here. The illustration work is good too.


Posted by One Page Love - 3 days ago
Minimal One Pager with a simple big image slider for London-based design studio, EverythingInBetween. The About section content is already loaded on first visit (keeping this One Page) but would have liked to return to the same slide I was on when clicking for Profile info. Lovely little touch how the EverythingInBetween text logo turns […]

Native Swinson

Posted by Site Inspire - 3 days ago

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Spain & Portugal

Posted by CSS Mania - 3 days ago